John Barrowman, flakey feet, authors and ethics, Ireland, turtles and my famous kissing bunnies

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

No blog posts from me in July. Sorry about that. I wrote several, but I didn’t think they were good enough for mass consumption. Instead, please enjoy an outline of stuff I’ve been doing and thinking about this summer.

Good Thing: John Barrowman

I binge-watched Torchwood in the space of about three weeks. On a Thursday, somewhere in the middle of “Children of Earth” and after several amusing youtube clips, I decided that I wanted see John Barrowman in person, which was fairly easy to do, since he was coming to Philly Comic Con that weekend.

(Insert brilliant and witty description of Mr. Barrowman’s career, outlandish sense of humor, Disney prince jawline, gay advocacy and hot architect/pilot husband.)

Long story short:

A. It was my first Comic Con. I’m very shy and I went alone, but I still met lots of nice people. Nice people are nice.

B. John Barrowman was a delightful mensch at his panel.


Sorry about the blurriness. He’s much more in focus in person.

C. While I was there, I got myself a space-and-time-traveling bathrobe. (Insert obligatory joke about how it looked small on the rack but actually is really comfy and roomy to wear.)


The only problem is that whenever I’m wearing it and I enter a room, I seem to make the unearthly wheezy TARDIS Vorp Vorp noise. Because it’s so much fun and I can’t help myself.

D. I met John Barrowman and I managed to forgo mortifying myself, for a change. I’m extra proud that I kept it together when I asked him to sign my fabric. Captain Jack Harkness, 1st division, Innuendo Squad, looked at the fabric and then at me with those preternaturally blue eyes and said, “Cool. Stretch it for me, and hold it tight.”

I just stared at the fabric, held it taut for easy signage and didn’t giggle uncontrollably. Or accidentally pee like a frightened salamander. Not even a little.


Wither in jealousy, ladies and gents. John Barrowman admired my toile.

Bad Thing: My Left Foot

I was training for a 5K, but I got the dreaded and clichéd stress fracture in my foot. (Insert treatise here about why it’s unfair to hurt yourself because you’re out of shape, when you’re actively trying to get in better shape. Also, life is unfair.)

The biggest bummer is that I didn’t get to run with my friend and training buddy Katy, who rocked her first 5K! Go Katy!

I’m healing and will start again in the fall. Instead of the Couch to 5K program, I’ll look for something less ambitious, like a Bed to Couch to 5K program.

Good Thing Turned Bad: A Reader’s Ethical Quandary

(Insert thoughtful exploration of whether or not it’s ok to buy a certain excellent, thoughtful and empathetic sci-fi book series when one finds the author’s views repugnant and harmful. I decided after three vastly different drafts of blogposts that I have more questions than answers and that I’m ultimately very angry at the author for saying and doing stuff that makes me feel dirty for wanting to read his books.)

Historically Inaccurate Thing: This Book

The Boleyn King imagines what might have happened if Anne Boleyn had a son after she had Elizabeth. Henry VIII wouldn’t have killed Anne and wouldn’t have married four more women. Anne would have probably outlived Henry. The Howards and Boleyns would be in power instead of the Seymours. The Dudleys wouldn’t be traitors. Anne’s brother George might have become regent after Henry’s death. Elizabeth would be a princess reluctantly on the European marriage market instead of a motherless potential queen and intrigue magnet.

Boleyn King

Madison Street Beauty’s Poolside with a topcoat of Nicole’s New Year’s Eve. Had to sneak in my new nail color somehow.

I’m enjoying the book, but I wish it were focused less on the romances of made-up or obscure people, and instead explored what would have happened to known personages whose lives would have been much different in these new circumstances. I’m hoping the Grey sisters, Katherine Howard and the Seymour brothers show up later in this planned trilogy. Lady Jane Grey FTW!

Thing to Look Forward To: Ireland

Soon, I’ll be going to Ireland for two whole weeks! I love Ireland. Love it.
It will be my third trip there. This time, I plan to be in County Clare with my whole family (there’s 16 of us!) and then I’ll slowly mosey along the Beara Way with my hubby.

There’s been all sorts of little annoying things to take care of before the trip and I’ve got a new word to teach you: Procastigaming. As in, “I could do research on car rentals out of Shannon Airport or I could clean up the place before the house sitter comes. Hmm. It’s clearly time to play 17 games of Scramble against Emily on my iPhone. Viva procrastigaming!”

Turtle Thing: New Roommate

Our resident turtle, Dashiell, has gotten a resident turtle of his own: Gaspard.

Gaspard is on the left.

Gaspard is on the left.

Dashiell says 'sup.

Dashiell says ‘sup.

Last, Amazing, Random Thing

A picture of my Doctor and River bunnies in my sewing studio is ON THE BBC AMERICA WEBSITE!!! You have to click to see the picture. Warning: Adorable felt bunnies snogging adorably. Yowzah.

(I didn’t make the bunnies. You can adopt your own pair of bunnies from this cool shop.)

Enjoy the rest of the summer and see you in September.

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