MarfDaze’s Black Friday Etsy Shopping Suggestions

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

Whimsy. It’s what I love.

Many times I’ll buy fabric simply because I:

a.)  Can’t believe somebody drew that goofy, goofy thing.


b.) Can’t believe that they committed that goofy thing to quilt-weight cotton posterity.

Like this:


Because cats watching a scary movie!

What I superlove is the knitting cat. Because a movie audience isn’t complete without a random knitter. (An aside: A few weeks ago I saw a lady knitting while powerwalking past the Haverford Township Free Library. Is knittercise a thing now?)

Anyway. Let me present a little roundup of the fantastic, clever and delightfully silly things I’ve found on Etsy recently. In no particular order.

1. A knitted snuggly representation of Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin.


Love me! I’m adorable and cuddly. Give me a hug!
(Or I’ll kill off your favorite character. Again.)

If you want to adopt wee little George, visit SocksKnitPalace.

2. A waffly fitted sheet and syrupy topsheet.

For those who love breakfast in bed.

For those who love breakfast in bed.

Get Bfiberandcraft‘s tribute to brunch here.

3. This bunny.

What you looking at?

What are you looking at?

When I saw this print of a watercolor bunny, I bought it immediately. He’s a cute little fellow, but he also appears to be a very tough cookie. Don’t cross him. You don’t want to see him angry. But do check out AmberAlexander‘s other prints.

4. This clutch wallet.

It's so deep. It's so wide.

“It’s so deep. It’s so wide. Your stuff’s inside. Synchronicity.”

This Sugarshoxcrafts creation has pockets, a zipper and the cassette-only bonus track “Murder by Numbers.” Get one yourself here. If The Police aren’t your thing, there are lots of other tapes to choose from.

5. This card.


In addition to this treasure, Etsy seller Pretty Girl Postcards offers a wide range of bon mots. I’ve purchased several and they adorn my sewing studio.

6. This hopeful dalek under the mistletoe.


This was my Christmas card for my husband, but I loved it so much, I gave it to him in the middle of November. I have no stamina when it comes to delaying the cute. Must give cute thing to giftee now! Buy you own romantic dalek card from Amy’s Not Dead Yet and see how long you hold out.

7. Cuddly Lando Calrissian

I have a cape.

I have a cape.

Need a handsome and charming scallywag around the house? Lando will steal your heart. Also, Greedo. From For the Love of Handknit.

8. The Little Doctor print

Time to clean the volcanos.

Time to clean the volcanoes.

Get your own Little Prince/Doctor Who mashup print from theGorgonist, a talented purveyor of first-rate whimsy.

9. Pumpkin pie earrings.

They look so real.

They look so real!

Pumpkinspicember, my favorite made-up month, lasts between the Halloween and Christmas. I am the lady who stocks up on limited edited pumpkin spice k cups and pumpkin pie pop tarts. I’ve recently gotten into pumpkin pie oatmeal. Pumpkin for president 2016!

I digress. These tasty earrings come from thegreatvorelli, who also sells taco, root beer float and bacon cheeseburger earrings.

10. And last, this wistful padfolio.

The last time I saw her, she had a daisy tucked behind her ear. We thought we could take on the world. We were all so young, then.

The leather artist behind Etsy shop Grichels offers hundreds of thoughtful faces on bags, books, vases, etc. Each has its own personality. It was hard to pick just one to show you.

Now go forth and explore Etsy! You might find finally find a zombie cat to help you with your pesky zombie mouse problem.

One thought on “MarfDaze’s Black Friday Etsy Shopping Suggestions

  1. I just bought this on Etsy – – with AA’s name, DOB, and his actual scanned right foot print. Its for Evan’s mother. Also, speaking of FABRIC, the piece you sent the sheep wrapped in? I saved it b/c it was so nice. Its half-way to becoming the backing fabric for a memory board, that my friend Sarah and I are making, to be hung in A’s room. It will hold pictures and the cards that folks sent to A when I was preg and when he was born. I’ll send you a pic when completed. Yay, fabric!

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