Going all in

The most exciting workplace in America.

A glamour shot of the most exciting workplace in America.

Four years ago, this week, I opened my Etsy shop. I just wanted a new hobby. Something to fill a few weekend hours.

This August, I filled my 3,000th order.

It turns out that I love making silly bags that make people smile.

I get a kick out of emailing back and forth with people who want me to make them something special for a husband’s birthday, a gaggle of bridesmaids or a child’s first day at school.

I delight in writing little thank you notes on cards that I happily stamp myself.

I relish trips to the post office, my arms full of packages headed all over the world.

And so, last week, after 15 years of being a writer, editor, social media manager and website strategist, I gave my notice to the wonderful folks at Hollister Creative.

That’s right. I’m leaving my day job to do MarfDaze full time!

I’m excited and scared and full of joy. It’s hard to find words for what I feel right now. So I’ll make some up. I’m territhrilled by this new journey. Exhilarfrightened, even. But I know from experience that those jumpy-jumblies in my belly mean that something amazing is about to happen. And I can’t wait.

So, starting September 22, I’ll be cutting fabric and sewing and emailing and stamping notecards and tying ribbons and heading to the post office with my arms full of packages. Please envision a full 1980s movie montage of hard work here. What do you think, Pat Benatar or Tina Turner? I’m thinking “Love is a Battlefield.”

There will be new products, new fabrics, and I’ll be exploring new craft fairs and arts festivals.

In the coming months be on the lookout for:

  • New fabrics
  • A new line of tablet/reader sleeves
  • A new line of wristlets
  • A new line of wallets
  • Easy-to-order wedding party gifts/wedding favors for themed weddings

I also look forward to sharing my adventures as a entrepreneur craftsperson with you.

Stay tuned!