A Quick Round Up

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

Over the next few days, I will endeavor to give you a true view of what it’s like to be a vendor at a convention. It can be fabulous, physically demanding, boring, grueling, delightful and profoundly satisfying by turns.

But first, let me give you a quick photo roundup of MarfDaze highlights in the last 6 months.

At Shore Leave in Maryland, Easter Cat hopped on Irving’s back.


While Easter Cat and Irving were communing, his human companion John Barrowman and I had a nice chat about the importance of plushie photographic stand-ins and husbands. Human husbands. Not plush husbands.

11825154_10153548981184860_3397577936095908350_n (1)

And then he dropped by my booth. Why, yes, he is holding a MarfDaze bag.

Then at Walker Stalker in Boston, my sister and Irving got a picture with Nestor Carbonell from Lost.


Irving tells me that Mr. Carbonell smells like exotic spices and Christmas morning.

And Mira Furlan, of Babylon 5 and Lost, dropped by my booth looking for something to put her signing sharpies in. I loved her so much on both shows, I let her pick out a bag as a present. She came by the next day just to tell me how much she appreciated the craftsmanship. She was really very gracious.


Irving is stunned by Ms. Furlan’s striking beauty.

Back at home, MarfDaze needed to expand again into even bigger headquarters. I now have  space to do my ironing, measuring and cutting, designing, sewing, mailing and paperwork in the SAME ROOM.


My mailing station, sewing station and cutting table are now all in a row. The door on the right leads to a sun-filled photography studio.


My magazine-worthy shot of my fabric library.

Back on the road, I met two of my favorite groups of fellow fan creators at LI Who.


Look! It’s Verity Podcast’s Deb from Philadelphia and Erika from Edmonton.

I love the Verity Podcast. They are an international group of smart and witty ladies discussing all things Doctor Who. Why aren’t you subscribing already?


Here’s the Doctor Puppet crew. I was afraid Missy Puppet might steal Irving, but she did, eventually, give him back.

Doctor Puppet is a series of stop animated short films made by professional artists and musicians. Start here.

Also, I ran into Author John Peel and Goth Extraordinaire Nan Peel. They are very sweet people. Come to think of it, I’ve never met an unkind goth.


Sweet Nan is showing off her one of a kind MarfDaze Acanthus Leaves Wristlet.

And finally, I convinced my mom to do a little cosplay at Walker Stalker NY/NJ. How cute is she as the Twelfth Doctor?


The coat comes with a pocket for sonic moose storage.

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