Day 2: Snowed in at a Fan Convention

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

The Heroes & Villains folks had to cancel the first day of the convention due to an absurd amount of snow and high winds.


While the convention hall remains closed to attendees, everyone is still here, hunkered down in a small village of hotels.

Happily, when geeks get thwarted, geeks get creative. I really like the people who run the Walker Stalker/Fan Fest events. They are positive, helpful and have a sense of humor.


Intrepid Geekery

Irving and I bundled up and went hotel lobby hopping to see how people are coping. Turns out, everyone is doing just fine once they realized they are safe, have snacks and are surrounded by like-minded individuals.

A few enterprising artists set up ersatz booths in the Embassy Suites.


Everyone appeared to be in pretty good spirits.

Then we heard (a well-founded) rumor about the location of a Mr. Stephen Amell and a Mr. John Barrowman. This knowledge was passed to me quietly, in hushed tones. Like it was a secret.


Irving and I peeked in, but the place was teeming with rebel scum. And suicide squad members. And a guy from Stargate. And famous actors. (Upper right, behind the jar of lemons.)

Turns out, they weren’t being very secretive at all.



I think I’m going to rename my blog “I Spend a Lot Less Time Near John Barrowman Than it Appears.”

Anyhoo, everyone was marvelling at how much snow had already fallen.


Moose aren’t generally known for their tree climbing, Martha.


I think they g-g-get it. It’s sn-sn-snowing. C-c-c-can we g-g-g-g-go in now?

And That’s Enough of That

Back in our hotel lobby, Irving looked at the viewing stats from yesterday’s blog.


Thanks for checking it out everybody!

Then we enjoyed a late lunch of champions while watching a bit of Bring It On.


Cheer up, Torrance. It’ll be ok. Second place will feel like first.

Lunch made us feel kinda gross, so we hit the gym.


Don’t worry. I’m spotting him.

The elliptical presented a bit of a challenge for someone of Irving’s stature, so he just coached me as I worked.


You can do it!

The moment of truth.


Still just 6 ounces. Even after the holidays. Good job, Irving!

Post work-out selfie.


Questionable hair is happening. But I’m enjoying my rosy glow.

Time to cool down.



On the way back to the room, I shared an elevator with Kylo Ren. I would have taken a picture, but I was scared of him. (Seriously. The person in the cloak and mask was on point.)

Time for Bed

My friend Katy the Archaeologist travels a lot and she has an unpacking routine that helps her feel at home no matter where she is. I have a hotel ritual that goes like this: Bath + decaf coffee = zzz.


This is the greatest/worst invention of the modern age. Watered-down coffee at the touch of a button.

Tonight I’m excited because I have a new sleepy-time t-shirt.


Have I told you how much I love Rey? She’s so wonderfully capable, strong with the force and can make cool insta-muffins. Plus, she also has a distinctive but easy replicate hairdo. I expect she and General Organa will take over the galaxy in the next movie. And buy Luke a hairbrush.

Signing off now, and hoping that I’ll actually get to be a vendor tomorrow.

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