DAY 3: An Actual Convention. Huzzah!

On Sunday, thanks to more cooperative weather and a bevy of intrepid plowers and other helpful folks, Irving and I finally got to be vendors at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest.


Good morning!

When we headed over to the convention center to get ready for the day, people were already lining up. A good sign.

I always get a little thrill when I pass all the eager fans queued up patiently and just sail right in, smiling at the security guard at the side door, armed with my vendor’s badge of admittance power.

It’s silly. I know.

We settled in, set out our signs and enjoyed a little coffee.


The view from behind the table. Irving kept asking, “Is she here yet? She’s so pretty and funny. Is she here yet? When is she coming?” Not sure whom he meant.

Then it was time for my pre-show walkabout. I’ve discovered that the only good time to visit other people’s booths, go shopping and chat is in the brief moments before the convention actually starts in the morning.


GeekBoyPress was happy to talk about prints with Irving. We got a cool t-shirt from him at the Punk Rock Flea Market in December. (Also right before the show started.)

Then the doors opened and a steady stream of superhero-loving peeps flowed in.

Hawkgirl and Constantine bought two Lady Cassandra pillows for their new sofa.


Did you know that Constantine’s look in the comics was based on Sting?

This young lady showed off her amazing HAND-SEWN vortex manipulator. You can check out her snowed-in with Stephen and Robbie Amell pics and her back-to-back with Captain Jack photo  here.


She sculpted the hardware and added the cuff to an old leather watchband. I love how creative and elegantly clever it was. Plus, her stitches were so even. Well done!

Then Karen Gillan — aka Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy and Amy Pond from Doctor Who — arrived at her booth.


She had a great way of greeting each new person in line. She gave everyone an excited smile that seemed to say, “I’m so glad you could make it today!”

After a little while, they moved Ms. Gillan from the booth kitty corner from MarfDaze to the one directly across from us.


I told Irving that it’s rude to just stare, and he said, “I’m not just staring. I’m listening to her Scottish accent, too.” Ms. Gillan was extra great with kids.

Then Missy and Brad dropped by as Captain Jack and Osgood. Over the course of the last year, I’ve seen them at many conventions and they always dress up creatively.


Note the inhaler.

Here they are at LI Who as Dr. Grace Holloway and the Eighth Doctor from the little-seen 1990s Doctor Who TV Movie.


If you haven’t seen the movie, trust me when I tell you that these costumes are amazing.

And here’s Missy from the first time I met her.


She’s Han Solo and her fuzzy wampa bag has a detachable arm!

Check out her blog GeekGirlCastle.

Lots of people who’ve bought bags from me in the past stop by just to show off what they’re doing with them. I love when people whip out their beaten-up (but still strong!!!) MarfDaze bags that they use everyday.

Sometimes they even ask after Irving.

An Earworm and a Workout

I often have a song in my heart. And when I’m happy or busy working, I often have a song coming out my mouth, too.

My Heroes & Villains theme song as I sewed away the slow moments (sorry neighbors) was “Do You Want to Build a Snowman (Go Away Stephen Remix).”

Blame the Green Arrow and Malcolm Merlyn. Who knew Stephen Amell has such a sweet voice?

Oh, and he can also do this.

Pretty impressive all around.

End of Day

Soon, all too soon, it was time to pack up, but not before a visit from Tiny Hat Katy, a Heroes & Villains Fan Fest staff member extraordinaire who has a fantastic collection of fascinators. Did I mention how much I like these guys? They’re delightful. In addition to their responsiveness and good attitudes, they also have little staff capes to make them easily identifiable.


Before she would let me take a picture, Katy ran and got her friend Oscar Polyester Space Penguin, so he and Irving could have a photo op together.

I have no pictures of packing up and going to my car, because I was tired and there was slush and it was a mess and I got a little grumpy.

But then I was back in my hotel room, free to relax and finish my book.


The Girl on the Train is quite a page turner. Wowzah. It’s not just a whodunnit. It’s also a whahappened. And sometimes a saywhatnow.

But we only made it to about page 260. Too pooped.


The Next Day

We woke up deliciously late and headed home, to be tucked back into bed for a nap by sweet husband David.

But not before my official I’m Done With That Convention Ritual, the traditional hanging of the lanyard on the old Andrew Wyeth print.


Day is Done.


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