What’s a MarfDaze? It’s a happy married couple, one part Martha, one part David. Our niece could not pronounce either name when she was two, so she gave us a collective nickname.

This blog is written by the Martha part of the equation.

MarfDaze is also the name of Martha’s business. She makes pencils cases, makeup bags, wristlets, gadget sleeves and other fun things out of vibrant fabrics with the help of her trusty Singer sewing machine.


In addition to David and her large family, Martha loves many things: books, 16th century British history, Ireland, whimsy, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Eddie Izzard, Sting, David Bowie, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Downtown Abbey, True Blood, Buffy and Project Runway.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I noticed that you had a Doctor Who/Disney princess fabric. Did you make the design yourself? I’ve seen it before and I couldn’t find the original source. It’s a gorgeous design and I want a print of it!

  2. Hey Martha,

    I met you in May at the Lansdowne Craft Festival with my friend Danielle, and we marveled over your awesome Who and Star Trek gear. You commented that we could still get along even though she didn’t know about Dr. Who.

    Anyway, my sister-in-law needs an emergency gift and I suggested you, but your shop is on vacation and I cannot find a single email address anywhere to try to see if I could just come by and pick something up. If you get this message before Thursday, June 12, please email or FB message me so I can send some money your way. She’d be interested in themes like unicorns, public health (germs, hiv/aids – like red ribbon, heart health, whatever), or Edgar Allen Poe.

    Take care.

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