John Barrowman, flakey feet, authors and ethics, Ireland, turtles and my famous kissing bunnies

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

No blog posts from me in July. Sorry about that. I wrote several, but I didn’t think they were good enough for mass consumption. Instead, please enjoy an outline of stuff I’ve been doing and thinking about this summer.

Good Thing: John Barrowman

I binge-watched Torchwood in the space of about three weeks. On a Thursday, somewhere in the middle of “Children of Earth” and after several amusing youtube clips, I decided that I wanted see John Barrowman in person, which was fairly easy to do, since he was coming to Philly Comic Con that weekend. Continue reading

The Art of the Mix Tape: Courtship, Breakup, Memory, Fantasy

By Martha Michaela Hutchman Brown
aka Marf

What are the objects featured on this MarfDaze bag?


Partial credit if you answered tapes, or cassettes.

Full credit if you answered love letters from hopeful would-be lovers, teenage diary entries of moods and experiences or musical gateways to fantasy realms in which you, young person with a walkman, are the star of your own personal music video as you go about your day.

Continue reading